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EcoCARE aims to bring greater awareness to the issues facing Pacific Island nations. Local education and involvement is imperative to ensure that these issues can be addressed and mitigated to guarantee sustainable development and responsible use of the natural resources in this area of the world


Access to quality primary, secondary and tertiary education is a base requirement for societal development to occur. EcoCARE acknowledges this and prioritises its work in increasing resource supply, ensuring a high standard of teaching and incentivising commitment to academic performance for students in the Pacific region.


Resource Aquisition

Remote Learning

Promoting Academic Excellence


The development of local capacity through education, mentoring and supervision plays a significant role in the ongoing sustainable development of nations. To that end, EcoCARE Pacific Trust participates in projects and programs that compliment and expand on the already excellent work being done by Pacific Health Ministries. 

Emergency Response

Resource Aquisition


Environmental Management

The natural resources that can be found in and around the Pacific Islands mean that there is enormous potential for development in this area of the world. It is the sustainable management of these resources however, that is fundamental to the success of future development. If care is not taken in utilising the resources in this area of the world, the flow on effects can ultimately lead to various negative consequences for the people and environment of these island nations.

Bringing experts in relevant fields together with the people of Tonga to develop postgraduate programs will enable those who live and work on the Islands to gain the understanding and expertise necessary to participate in the long term management of their natural resources.

Biodiversity, Biosecurity and Conservation




Global Warming

Invasive Species